Natural Animal Nutrition

We believe in using farming practices that work with nature to promote healthy and sustainable crops and livestock. As dealers for Bio-Ag products, we are able to provide other farms with GMO-free, drug-free products to help keep their livestock and pets healthy… naturally!

About Bio-Ag

Bio-Ag is an agricultural consulting, manufacturing and distributing company. We develop and distribute agricultural methods and products that work in co-operation with nature’s biological systems.

Bio-Ag enables farmers to increase their profits and to produce quality food by strengthening the biological systems on their farms. Bio-Ag supplies farmers with well-researched information and products that improve and maintain the health of their soil, crops, and livestock. All Bio-Ag products are selected for distribution on the basis of their efficiency, ecological soundness, and economic value. To that end, Bio-Ag uses no GMO products (genetically modified organisms) and no drugs in our livestock products.

Featured Products

  • Norman’s Naturals Dog Food

    Norman’s Naturals carries dog food and dog treats that are great for your dog’s health and taste great!
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  • Dairy Nutripak

    We offer a variety of products that promote the health of your dairy cattle.
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